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Help to and partnership with the departement of Malem-Hodar, in Senegal

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To increase quality of life and education in the rural areas of Senegal. The organization concentrates on:

  • Supporting and helping villagers getting access to training, education, literacy, and the communal life
  • Giving priority to projects that involve local communities
  • Finding ways to inform locals about durable development
  • Promoting local cooperation and partnerships.

Collaboration with locals provides a guarantee that the organization's activities are in tune with the local needs.


  • Educational sector : renovation of buildings, construction of classrooms, computerization of a secondary school, introduction of a multimedia classroom
  • Support to young people: animations, inter-cultural exchanges, access to education and sport
  • Women's groups: financing of a small grain mill, access to micro-credit
  • Social economy : development of structures for enhancement of peanuts sector (oil, soap)
  • Agriculture: financing of material, providing access to micro-credit possibilities, irrigation, support to vegetable cropping.
  • Environmental project in 6 primary schools : it includes training in agro-ecology and school governance, establishment of a hedge perimeter protection schools, establishment of a school garden, providing efficient wood stoves.

Concrete needs 2017-2018

Financial support

  • Establishment and follo-up of Naatal-School-Oasis (concept of security and empowerment of primary schools) 
  • Construction of sanitary centers with Nubian vault, furnitures and traineeships
  • Construction of a community room.

Volunteers in Belgium 

  • Fundraising, logistics, translations (dutch)
  • Logistics
  • Awareness raising

Volunteers abroad 

  • Technical aid : maintenance, building sites
  • Logistics
  • Social guidance, traineeships
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