Vriendenkring Kinderhulp Rwanda vzw/asbl

Material and moral support to Rwandese children


Provide financial, material and moral support to Rwandan children in need and to give them a dignified life and a better chance of development and a future.

Activities / projects

Help the Gisimba Memorial Association orphanage (125children, Kigali) and fifty poor families (100 children) of the hills. The orphanage is a home to children abandoned by their families. It was founded by a Rwandian family that is committed to helping abandoned children and orphans. The assistance that the association offers the families and the orphanage are:

  • Educational Projects: payment of all school fees such as tuition, boarding and the purchase of school supplies for 225 children

  • Food, hygienic and medical care for the 300 children and their families, including the provision of food packages to poor families, hygiene products and the payment of small medical expenses and / or fees for health insurance.

  • Water Project: drinking water for the orphanage and 50 poor families

  • Accommodation: renovation of the recreation area and installation of solar panels

  • Farm Project: agriculture, livestock and commerce for poor families to promote independence. The families receive livestock, plants, seeds, tools and technical small business assets.

  • Culture, sport and leisure:

    • Excursions to other parts of the country

    • Dance lessons that introduce children to the traditions of their country

    • Annual Art Day at Kigali: The children get the opportunity to present their small works of art and perform music, dances and songs to the public (500 visitors). This includes a party at the orphanage with small gifts for the children.

The association regularly monitors the revenues and expenditures of local projects and oversees the operations carried out in Rwanda with the funds it has collected here.

Specific needs

Financial support

  • Renovation of the  kindergarten playground, purchase of new play equipment (80 000 €)
  • Education Project for 215 children (32 000 € / year)
  • Solar panels for the orphanage (starting capital estimated at € 10 000)
  • Health care for children and adults who are helped by the association (40 000 € / year)
  • Funds for the purchase of textbooks in English for kindergarten.

Volunteers in Belgium 

  • Translations: French / English
  • Animation, awareness raising and education
  • Other: public relations/allround

Volunteers abroad

  • Tuition in English
  • Assistance and computer training of local staff
  • Social support, sport and relaxation
  • Construction and transformation


  • Materials: office articles and books in English
  • Hygiene products for children
  • Sportswear
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