I need additional funds to finance a philanthropic project. Can Donorinfo help me?

Donorinfo does not grant any funding to philanthropic organisations. The Donorinfo foundation provides the public with free, objective and transparent information regarding the activities and financial means of Belgian philanthropic organisations. Publication on  www.donorinfo.be helps increase the organisations' visibility and credibility with donors and sponsors. Because transparency fosters trust.

Give with confidence

We guarantee that all organisations listed on donorinfo.be are financially transparent. Every year, they send us their detailed annual accounts, which have been submitted for independent verification. These accounts are published on donorinfo.be using a model adapted to the charity sector and to donors’ information needs. You can encourage the organisations to continue these good practices by stating "via donorinfo.be" when making your bank transfer. Do you know an organisation that isn’t featured on donorinfo.be?

Release by DonorInfo - Last modification : 11/04/2021