An organization that I know or support is not listed on Why?

To be published on is not an obligation but a voluntary process, inspired by the strict principles of transparency proposed by our foundation. 


Why is your favourite organisation not included on There are many possible reasons:

  • This organisation does not, or no longer meets, the publication conditions of Donorinfo.
  • This organisation has not provided us with all the required information, or this information has not been validated.
  • For one reason or another, this organisation does not wish, or no longer wishes, to appear on 

Or perhaps your favourite  organisation does not (yet) know of the website. Feel free to suggest directly to the person responsible that they contact us at !

Give with confidence

We guarantee that all organisations listed on are financially transparent. Every year, they send us their detailed annual accounts, which have been submitted for independent verification. These accounts are published on using a model adapted to the charity sector and to donors’ information needs. You can encourage the organisations to continue these good practices by stating "via" when making your bank transfer. Do you know an organisation that isn’t featured on

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