Helping the children living off rubbish dumps in Phnomh Penh (Cambodia) find education and work

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23/9, de la Tannerie street
(+32) 02/414 50 19

Social mission

Giving a scholarship to poor and threatened children from Phnom Penh (Cambodia) and support the activities developed by local organisations.
With the financial support of the organisation, those children are nourished, treated, educated, provided with clothes.

What does abPSE do?

Thank to the support of private donors and partnership with various organisations, the abPSE:

  • Undertake 6 500 children
  • Distribute daily 9 000 meals or sandwiches and rice to families
  • Insert professionally 1200 young Cambodians

How can you help?

Financial support:

  • Sponsorships for the children: about €20.000
  • Computer wiring and equipment for the new school building: € 7,000
  • Housing for disadvantaged families, 10 units: € 17,000


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