Support Dakar's street children

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The non-profit association Afractie runs a community centre for street children in Yoff, a suburb of Dakar. Afractie provides the community centre with a monthly operations budget so that it can pay for food, medical care, hygienic facilities, schooling and arts workshops for the children. On average, 90 children a day visit the centre to enjoy the warmth and affection it offers; a number which is increasing every week.  

What does Afractie do?

  • Day centre for the talibés: the talibés are children who come from inland and roam the streets in the large cities. They rely on their marabout who teaches them the Qur’an who, in exchange, forces them to beg to pay for their schooling. These children never have time to enjoy themselves and live very uncertain lives. The talibés who come to the communitry centre are provided with medical care, food, someone to talk to and recreational workshops.
  • Centre for street children: the district’s street children can be schooled and fed at the centre, and the older amongst them can attend the school just outside. They are then given help with their homework or participate in workshops after school. Afractie pays for the school fees, the teaching materials and the authentification of the children’s birth certificates. 

The Community Centre in Dakar is managed by Taxawu Sunuy Xale (TSX), a Senegalese association with 5 permanent employees. They independently coordinate the development of this project which is already well established in the area. The NPO’s activities in Belgium are mainly based around collecting funds, and Afractie visits Senegal every year. 


How can you help?

Financial support

  • ‘One of the 200’ initiative: The association is looking for 200 sponsors who can each donate €10 each month to cover the project’s basic financial needs. This would enable the association itself to focus on buying a new building or on covering occasional, urgent needs that arise.  
  • Medical care, sanitisation and cleaning of thetalibés’homes where the living conditions are awful: €150 per month for the medical care
  • Healthy and varied food for the children: €550 per month for the purchase of food from the local market.

Volunteers and students

  • The NPO also has extra help from volunteers and students in Belgium and at the community centre in Dakar where they work with the street children. Find out more at 
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