Research and action to prevent and stop serious human rights violations

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Social mission

To conduct research and action aimed at preventing and stopping serious violations of rights enshrined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and other international texts concerning human rights.

What does Amnesty International do?

  • Research into human rights violations: Amnesty International representatives carry out systematic and impartial research into individual cases and practices of human rights violations in 159 countries and territories. Amnesty’s reports, often referenced in international law, are followed up by interventions with governments, intergovernmental organizations, armed political groups, companies and other non-governmental agents. Amnesty also produces numerical indicators (barometers) that can be used to monitor the development of human rights situations and to carry out information and public awareness campaigns.
  • Amnesty Candles Campaigns: On the basis of basis of reports issued by its experts, Amnesty conducts broad information and awareness campaigns to mobilize the general public (petitions, candle sale campaigns, sales of postcards) and reinforce direct advocacy at the (inter)national level for respect and enforcement of human rights legislation.

  • Youth programmes: Amnesty organizes numerous events in the school environment to raise awareness and mobilize young people over human rights issues. In October each year, all primary and secondary schools in the Federation Wallonie-Brussels are invited to mobilize in support of human rights. In 2013, the campaign theme “You don’t agree, I assume” was about protecting the sexual and reproductive rights of girls and women.

  • Competency partnerships: Acting through national sections in 85 countries, the Amnesty network hosts human rights activists to give them the benefit of Amnesty’s prominence, to lend visibility to their campaigns, to support their claims and provide direct protection in the event of danger, and to ensure the cessation of ill-treatment and the enforcement of laws. In Belgium, Amnesty carries out joint actions with grass-roots organizations addressing human rights violations with a focus on women, young girls and children (domestic violence, sexual mutilation, rape).

  • Campaigns and support for human rights activists: conducted in association with the Human Rights League, SOS viol, Intact and the following non-profit organizations - Croix-Rouge de Belgique Activités internationales asbl, Défense des Enfants International (DEI)Entraide et FraternitéGAMS BelgiqueGRIPHandicap InternationalMédecins Sans Frontières (MSF)Mékong PlusSolidarité Mondiale (WSM).

How can you help?

Financial support:

  • Campaigns #JeSuisHumain

Volunteers in Belgium

  • Logistical assistance: sale of Amnesty International candles

  • Events, information, awareness building: events in schools 

  • Webmastering

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