Community activity centre for young children, adults and active seniors, with or without disabilities

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Social mission

The not-for-profit organisation Au fil de l'eau started with three mothers who were personally affected by the disability of a child and who were conscious of the lack of means made available to them by the local authority, as well as of the outpouring of solidarity that their relatives and neighbours demonstrated to them. They conceived the idea to create a community activity centre and the asbl was established in 2003. The social objective of the asbl Au fil de l'eau is to develop interaction between elderly people, young children and adults, with or without disabilities; to encourage communication during activities that bring the locals together; to further the integration of disabled people; to boost self-sufficiency and mobility; and to improve everybody’s well-being by giving an advantage to disabled people.

This organisation communicates in French. Please consult the information in French to learn more about it.

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