To offer the necessary aviation resources for aid and development programs

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Social mission

Aviation without Borders Belgium (AWB), founded in 1983, helps people who live isolated and offers help to those in need of assistance because of a crisis situation by using all the means and possibilities aviation has to offer.

What does ASF?

  • Program for humanitarian support from the air : The actions of AWB are very dependent of the circumstances in which they need to be carried out: emergency aid, rehabilitation and development. Sometimes the pilots of AWB need to bring people and goods to a specific location, sometimes they support with their flights, development programs active on a medium or long term basis. The interventions respond to the basic needs of the population, but the pilots are also used for flights that can improve health care, education, food security, environment, good governance and the local development.

  • Guidance program : This program makes it possible for children who need a difficult and specific medical treatment, which they can not receive in their own country, to be flown to a specialised centre in a European country. AWB also organises flights for groups of people (children and adults) to countries in Europe, North-America or elsewhere, for very different humanitarian reasons (migration, refugees, ...).

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