Connecting seriously ill children with their classmates through the Internet

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Bednet is a private initiative that was born from the idea that even sick children have the right to education. Thanks to internet, the association links children with chronic or long-term illnesses, between 6-18 years old, with their classmates in Flanders. Thus, these children can follow live courses given in their absence and keep in touch with their professors and other students in the class.

What does Bednet do?

  • Link with the class
    The sick child follows its courses live online. A regional partner, the parents and the school collaborate to decide the courses and duration of lessons for each individual. Half the children are cancer patients who must live in isolated conditions. Bednet diminishes this isolation and facilitates the return to school since contact with the class was maintained.
  • Technical
    The system set up by Bednet is simple and allows the student to work with the class materials and exercises. The system uses a laptop and a suitable apparatus for sick children, which allows them to follow the courses, ask questions and communicate with each class.
    A permanent helpdesk can resolve technical issues. A team of nine people keep track of the beneficiary children and their families.

How can you help?

Financial support

  • To equip an increasing number of sick children, the association must invest in new computer equipment (to be placed in the classrooms and homes): laptops, cameras, printers. Each device, made freely available to children at a cost of about € 2200.
  • Hiring staff for the helpdesk

Volunteers in Belgium

  • The association is seeking support for logistics:
    • delivery of computer equipment at a reduced price (or free)
    • collection of computers and equipment: at the end of the school year, all computers are removed to be revised. The association is looking for a company that may assist in this operation, for example, using a big car at their disposal.
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