Promoting medical research within the Brugmann University Hospital.

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The Brugmann Foundation was founded in 2011. The Brugmann Foundation’s mission is to support medical and scientific research within the Brugmann University Medical Centre (CHU - Centre Hospitalier Universitaire Brugman).

Brugmann Foundation on donorinfo.beWhat does the Brugmann Foundation do?

  • to initiate and direct medical and scientific research projects in all the discplinesrepresented within the Brugmann CHU
  • to encourage scientific partnerships with other university hospitals or centres in Belgium and abroad
  • to raise funds to support the Brugmann CHU’s scientific programmes
  • to develop clinical trials
  • to launch appeals for projects
  • to organize fundraising events

Projects funded by the Brugmann Foundation in 2017-2018

  • Clinical biology: Improving red blood cells transfusion policy in sickle cell disease (Grant, Dr Deleers, 24.254 €)
  • Cardiology: Formation en électrofysiologie à l’AZ Sint Jan Bruges (Fellowship, Dr Almorad, 14.500 €)
  • Gynecology: Prenatal prediction of neonatal macrosomia by Magnetic Resonance Imaging (Grant, Dr Jani, 50.000 €)
  • Immuno-allergology: Study on chronic urticaria (Grant, Dr Mostmans, 31.021 €)
  • Immunology: Humoral and cellular immune response to vaccine in sickle cell patients according to treatment (Grant, Dr Nagant, 19.202 €)
  • Neurological revalidation: Participation in WFOT congress (World Federation of Occupational Therapists) 2018: “Connected in diversity, positioned for impact” (Travel grant, Ms Fernandez De Houwer, 2.500 € and Mr Gillard, 2.500 €)
  • Neurological revalidation: Formation Education Thérapeutique du patient suite à un accident vasculaire cérébral-GRIEPS-France (Travel grant, Ms Bulinckx, 1.990 €)
  • Neuropathology : Finalize investigations on the implications of different cytokines and associated immune-inflammatory mediators in central nervous system pathophysiology and to explore particularly their role in immune-mediated and neuro-degenerative diseases of the brain and spinal cord, mainly in ALS (Grant, Dr Kadhim, 2.000 €)
  • Psychiatry: Verify whether the use of a new tool, i.e. posturography, could help to predict whether recently detoxified alcoholic patients are at high risk to relapse in a three-month period after detoxification (Grant, Dr Campanella, 19.820 €)
  • Psychiatry: Understand and identify the possible neuro-cognitive and emotional problems in melanoma survivors treated with immunotherapy in order to develop detection tools and offer adapted care (Grant, Dr Rogiers, 4.797 €)
  • Radiology: Use of Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT) for erosion evaluation in rheumatoid arthritic hands and wrists  (Grant, Dr Devriendt, 6.500 €)
  • Digestive surgery: Evaluation of the reliability of the dynamic pelvic floor MRI (Grant, Dr Jottard, 20.570 €).


How can you help?

Financial Support

In order to enable the Brugmann Foundation to support scientific projects of its young researchers, the foundation needs your financial input. 10 projects in different disciplines, including psychiatry, gynecology, ophthalmology…have been submitted to the foundation's Scientific Committee. For the next two years, 150.000 € is needed, to cover costs of research mandates and grants of the foundation's laureates.

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