Pediatric surgeries to save children's lives in countries where access to healthcare is not guaranteed.

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Social mission

Active in Benin, Senegal, the Democratic Republic of Congo and Rwanda, Chain of Hope Belgium trains health professionals and offers new life to children who do not have access to the surgical care they need to heal!

What does the Chain of Hope Belgium do?

  • Abroad: medical care for children – training - improvement of surgical and pediatric care:
    • Chain of Hope Belgium carries out medical-surgical missions with the objective of operating children, providing medical equipment and training of local medical staff. Mission members are volunteers and experts in pediatric pathologies.
    • Since its creation in 1997, the association has provided thousands of consultations and treatment guidance, operated on more than 2,000 children, trained local teams and provided medical equipment to improve working conditions and provide quality care. Chain of Hope Belgium has also helped the poorest families to access care by creating Solidarity funds to finance children's health care.
  • In Belgium: health care for children and awareness campaigns:
    • Every year, Chain of Hope Belgium takes care of 10 to 15 children with a malformation requiring surgery that is not feasible in their country of origin. The children stay in foster care and the association takes care of the administrative procedures.
    • In 2020, due to the pandemic, Chain of Hope Belgium has supported various hospitals to put in place measures to prevent and control COVID infections (patient circuit, protective and disinfection equipment, etc.).




How can you help?

Chain of Hope Belgium needs your financial support for:

  • Medical care for a child in Belgium: €3,000 € to €12,000 per child.
  • Missions abroad
    • Participation in the cost of surgery performed during missions: an average of €500 (the cost varies between €50 and €5000 depending on the country and the type of surgery).
    • Cost of a medical consultation mission: €1,200 to €3,500.
    • Cost of a surgical mission: from €4,000 to €32,000.
  • Solidarity fund (access to care for poor families): as of €15 contribution.
  • Purchase of medical equipment
    • Surgical instruments: starting at €10, up to €500/piece.
    • Plates/pins for orthopedic surgery: starting at €10.
    • Consumables (threads, probes, bandages, catheters): starting at €5.
  • Training
    • Training abroad for a doctor, paramedic or biotechnician: travel costs, insurance and allowances: €5,000 for a 3-months internship.
    • Equipment needed to provide distance training, e.g.: internet connection in DRCongo/ Haut Katanga, monthly subscription: €100/month.

    Chain of Hope needs volunteers abroad:

    • Print and web graphic designer.
    • Webmaster: technical assistance (website maintenance and extension of functionalities).
    • Translation FR/EN/NL.
    • Help in sourcing medical equipment.
    • Assistance and active participation in fundraising campaigns and events.
    • Reception of trainees (doctors, paramedics) from countries where the association is active during their training / stay in Belgium (accommodation, visit to Brussels and other tourist attraction of our country ...).

    Chain of Hope needs volunteers abroad

    • Medical and paramedical staffspecializing in pediatric cardiac, orthopedic, ENT and urology disciplines, biotechnicians, ortho-prosthetists...

    Material needs:

    • Medical equipment: oxygen saturation, monitoring, portable ultrasound machine, oxygen monitor, blood pressure monitor ...
    • Medicines used in pediatrics (with a pre-emption date of at least 6 months) such as antibiotics, painkillers, anti-inflammatories, diuretics, medicines for cardiac pathologies (eg: Lanoxin, Cordarone, Sintrom), anticoagulants (eg: Clexane, Fraxiparine), anti-malaria (eg: Malarone, Lariam), other (eg: Konakion, Lysanxia, Vermox)
    • Unexpired medical equipment: compresses, threads, surgical gloves, kits, catheters, syringes, drapes, etc.

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