To help the farmers of Big Lakes Area to provide for their needs

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Social mission

The objective of the not-for-profit organisation Comequi is to give farmers of the African ‘Great Lakes' region (the DR Congo) the means to lead concrete and effective action towards sustainable development, in order to increase their total revenues and to be able to meet the needs of their families (such as the education of children and medical treatment).

What does Comequi?

To attain its objectives, Comequi promotes agriculture which meets the standards of Fair Trade and/or organic production. It also encourages the creation of agricultural co-operatives to bring together industry and regional stakeholders, and works towards the provision of education in rural areas.

  • Co-operative AMKA (Kivu): Project launched in October 2011 aimed to be self-supported in 2014. Comequi ensures the training of coffee planters supervised by a Congolese agronomist, the organisation of the co-operative, the conditions to obtain the "Max Havelaar" accreditation, the promotion of the products. to the Belgian and European importers.
  • The Nyamgoma plant nursery: Comequi decided in 2009 to launch a plant nursery. The nursery gives small producers free access to young plants of the best varieties of coffee :
    • 400,000 coffee plants have been distributed to 425 small planters from Kivu
    • 200 hours of direct training have been given to members of the Sopacdi Co-operative
    • Four people are directly salaried by the project at Goma to keep things going on-the-ground.

This operation allows the producers to take their destiny into their own hands, to improve their productivity and to increase their revenues, in order to meet the needs of their families. Six new small plant nurseries are launched  in the region.

  • Launching of vegetable plots for teaching: being piloted by Comequi in 2 primary schools in Kivu, in order to raise awareness of such matters amongst the children and their families.


How can you help?

Financial support

  • Getting to Fair Trade agreement for the coffee cooperative AMKA: € 4,000 

  • Labour community fields: € 5,000 
  • Coffee washing station : € 15,000
  • Creating school gardens in four primary schools: € 21,800
  • Creation of a documentation center / library in Minova: € 14,700

Volunteers in Belgium

  • Fundraising
  • Webmastering
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