Production of medical reports for asylum seekers who have been victims in torture in their homeland

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Social mission

This not-for-profit organisation targets asylum seekers and refugees in Belgium who are going through official proceedings and have been the victim of torture or other inhuman and degrading treatment in the country of origin. The aim of the organisation is to arrange an in-depth medical and/or psychological examination, to furnish the victim with a detailed report which allows them to bolster their case and representation in the Belgian asylum procedure.

What does Constats ?

The organisation takes under its care asylum seekers who have been the victim of torture which contravenes the provisions laid down in the 'International Convention Against Torture', or who have been subjected to other types of violence (domestic violence, sexual mutilation, forced marriage etc.)

  • Medical and psychological examinations : The not-for-profit organisation offers, on request of professionals (lawyers, judges, guardians or social workers), or on request of the victims themselves, an in-depth medical and psychological examination for asylum seekers who claim to have been tortured or subjected to inhuman and degrading treatment. The examination is undertaken by medical professionals and can lead, where appropriate to the production of a detailed medical, psychological or psychiatric report. In the majority of cases, these consultations also prove to be therapeutic for the beneficiaries, who are listened to and recognised as victims by a professional. The organisation cannot guarantee any follow-up therapy for the beneficiaries, but where necessary it does refer them on to appropriate medical and rehabilitative services. Constats follows the subsequent experiences of the victims who have been examined, so as to establish if any further intervention is necessary.
  • Information and awareness : The Constats organisation runs public-awareness campaigns to defend the respectful practices laid down in the recommendations of the Istanbul Protocol (see on, and to ensure effective protection of the rights of victims of torture and inhuman and degrading treatment.

In 2016, the organisation received 125 new requests for medical examinations from asylum seekers who had been victims of torture or domestic violence. 66 medical report has been undertaken. These requests principally came through reception centres, lawyers, psychologists and social workers for victims originary from Africa, Eastern Europe, Middle-East, and Latin America.

How can you help?

Constat needs your financial support to:

  • cover the costs of the examinations and production of reports, the costs of translation, the costs of transporting the victims to the doctors when they cannot be taken care of by another other third party, the costs of documentation, and the costs of training medical examiners. These private donations will permit the organisation to support more asylum seekers who could benefit from an in-depth medical examination.

Constat looks for volunteers in Belgium

  • Doctors to undertake medical examinations and reports
  • Accountancy: control of the annual voluntary fund of the United Nations for the torture victims
  • Translations: English, peul, russian, somali, etc.
  • Fundraising
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