Making education accessible to disadvantaged children

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Cunina is an independent Belgian NGO (non-governmental organisation), founded in 1990 by Sophie Vangheel, whose objective is to give children access to quality primary and secondary education. Cunina works with five partner countries to improve the accessibility and quality of education for children from poor families via a sponsorship system. 

What does Cunina do?

  • Building a health centre in Gairi Pangma, Nepal
  • Constructing 'family homes' in Eshowe, South Africa, where orphans are grouped together with a foster parent  to create a new stable family
  • Setting up the Mamosa student hostel in Port-au-Prince, Haïti
  • Creating six new classrooms in Mombin-Crochu, Haiti
  • Building two new schools at Sekha and Paplu, Nepal
  • Equipping a training centre with a sewing and carpentry section at Eshowe, South Africa


Cunina works directly in collaboration with its local partners, who they visit each year. The allocation of funds to each project is controlled by the invoices and monitoring reports received from the partners. Also, some trips are organised for sponsors so that they can assess the way in which funds are used for the project. 

How can you help?

Financial Support

  • Individual sponsorship of a child's studies and a part of Cunina's education projects in the sponsored child’s country (€30 /month).


Cunina can carry out these projects thanks to the support of individuals, associations and businesses. The money raised is attributed to projects that improve the quality of education in the South. 

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