DEI-Belgium looks for the children's rights

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Social mission

DEI-Belgique is the French branch of the ngo Défense des Enfants International (DEI). Its aim is to make sure children's rights are respected. More precisely, the organization monitors the way the Belgian state observes its commitments following the acknowledgement of the International Convention on Children's Rights. DEI intervenes whenever children's rights are not respected.

What does DEI Belgium do?

DEI-Belgique pursues ist actions in many ways: training, awareness, legal action in different areas such as:

  • Underage refugees : DEI's legal actions vs the Belgian state concerning the treatment of minor refugees. DEI actively participates in the creation of an ngo platform 'Minors in Exile' and in the activities of the European network 'Separated Children in Europe Programme'. DEI has also contributed to the creation of a 'Tribunal d'Opinion' as a result in Belgium that alternative solutions were created to the detention of children in closed centres for refugees. 
  • Justice for Young People: both legal and raising awareness actions with politicians in Belgium, especially on the detention of minors in closed refugee centres and with regards to a reform of the Law of 8 April 1965 on the protection of youths. 
  • DEI organizes trainings and develops educational tools on the subject of Youth Law : 
  • DEI profits from a permanent acknowledgement as an educational organization. 
  • DEI is also participating in the development of a university degree in children's rights (UCL-FUNDP) and the preparation of a long distance course on a university level (e-learning).
  • Publication of a collection of learning tools over the Convention of the Children's rights.

DEI also supports all actions taken by its branches in development countries by raising the necessary funds, providing exchange of knowledge and training. 

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