Organization for International Co-operation on Development Projects

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The not for profit organization DISOP vzw (Organization for International Cooperation on Development Projects) wants to be an instrument of solidarity between people. DISOP actively supports approximately 70 projects promoting the employment of underprivileged populations in 19 developing countries in Latin America, Asia and more and more in Africa, which has become the most important continent of intervention of DISOP.

What does DISOP do?

The DISOP team comprises some fifteen members, among which experts in management of development projects and some experts in diverse fields. A part of this team works completely on a voluntary base.

The intervention of DISOP is founded on three basic subjects:

  • professional education
  • improvement of the social, economic, cultural, ecological and political environment of the beneficiaries
  • support to associations promoting the access to employment

DISOP works through an international network of local partners, respecting the local initiatives and population within their own environment. The organization puts always a high value on the autonomy of the beneficiaries at the end of its intervention.

Examples of current projects

  • establishment of centres for professional education (e.g. agricultural education)
  • education in management of micro-enterprises
  • promotion of the production and commercialization of local products
  • programs reducing the vulnerability to climate changes, reforestation and sustainable management of forests
  • micro-projects dealing with health issues
  • improving the habitat in the slums
  • promotion of women and micro-enterprises lead by women


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