transparancePrioritising financial transparency

  • Donorinfo is a public interest foundation created in 2005 on the initiative of Erik van Baren.
  • Donorinfo administers the website, a free information platform for donors, companies and charitable organisations.  
  • The website lists Belgian charitable organisations which help people in need, collect private funding and are financially transparent.  
  • In order to remain entirely independent, the Donorinfo foundation covers all its own costs without having recourse to public subsidies, private donations, sponsorship or contributions.


All the services offered by Donorinfo are free of charge, both for visitors to the website and for the charitable organisations listed on it.

The Donorinfo foundation’s mission is to encourage the public to confidently support those who are working to promote justice, humanity and unity in society. Find out more about Donorinfo’s activities and values.

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