A day center for homeless persons

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Rue des Vétérinaires/Veeartsenstraat 84
+32 (0)2 319 58 27

DouchefluxSocial mission

DoucheFLUX is a day centre for homeless and destitute people. At the heart of its mission is the human being and his or her dignity.

What does DoucheFlux do?

DoucheFLUX ASBL/vzw wants to combat the exclusion of people living in precarious circumstances, whether homeless or in poor housing, documented or otherwise, wherever they are from. At the heart of its mission is the human being and his or her dignity.


Therefor DoucheFLUX:

  • offers essential services
  • organises activities that help restore energy, dignity and self-esteem, and invites them to become part of its team of volunteers
  • actively involves people living in precarious circumstances in its awareness-raising activities which aim to deconstruct stereotypes around extreme poverty and spread the message that homelessness is a problem that can be solved.

In response to the coronavirus pandemic, DoucheFLUX also opened temporary accommodation for homeless women, with the aim of supporting them in finding more sustainable solutions. Visit the web page about DoucheFLUX' temporary accommodation projects.


DoucheFLUX in 2019:

  • 15 804 showers
  • 6 108 washings
  • 614 persons rented a locker 
  • 1 103 people met with the social worker
  • 306 people accessed the infirmery service
  • 21 regular activities: football, swimming, climbing initiation, ‘alpha-je’, art therapy, sewing & knitting workshop, improv workshop, drawing course, birthday party, fil debate, radio programme ‘La Voix de la Rue’, Magazine, ‘No-home Made’ Christmas Market, board game Outside!, cultural outings, French conversation table, Lunch for all, yoga.
  • Awareness-activities: support to the Syndicat des Immenses, Think Tank Poverty, Documentation centre on poverty, DoucheFLUX Open Doors, Photo exhibition, street party, MasterClass, DoucheFLUX guided visits in Cureghem


How can you help?

DoucheFLUX needs your donations in order to:

  • purchase a defibrillator: 1 500 €
  • finance a new photographic project with homeless women: 5 000 €
  • financing maintenance contract fire prevention system: 1000€/annum

Sponsor a specific activity:

  • football: 3 950 €/annum
  • climbing initiation: 800 €/annum
  • swimming: 1 600 €/annum
  • yoga: 300 €/annum
  • one time sport activities: 600 €/annum
  • Magazine : 5 200 €/annum
  • monthly radio programme ‘La Voix de la Rue’: 1 500 €/annum
  • development bord gameOutside ! : 500 €
  • drawing course: 700 €/annum
  • film debate: 450 €/annum
  • koor: 3 000 €/annum
  • workshop improvisatie: 300 €/annum
  • conversatietafel Frans: 1 500 €/annum
  • gastentafel: 550 €/annum
  • naai repair: 360 €/annum
  • mobiele bibliotheek Street & Read: 4000 €/annum

DoucheFLUX needs volunteers in Belgium for:

  • Welcoming / listening to / supporting beneficiaries
  • Logistic assistance
  • Leading activities
  • Campaign and event organisation 
  • Information and awareness-raising
  • Medical expertise
  • DIY, maintenance
  • Accounting
  • Citizen service
  • Fundraising
  • Translation: Dutch / English / Arabic
  • Transport / mobility of beneficiaries
  • Web mastering & ICT
  • Other: visite the web page about volunteering at DoucheFLUX

DoucheFLUX also needs equipment:

  • Clothes for men only (not for women!): socks, underwear (boxers), T-shirts (no polo’s), joggers/sport pants, hoodies, rain jackets
  • Parfume, eau de toilette, moisturising cream… in kleine verpakkingen
  • Tooth brushes and small tubes of tooth paste
  • Shower gel in large packs
  • Shampoo
  • Bath towels
  • Razors and shaving cream/gel
  • Sewing machines and sewing and knitting equipment

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