Intergenerational and intercultural coaching for employment

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Through its mission, DUO aims to reduce inequalities faced by young immigrants in the labour market, value our senior professionals, break away from age discrimination, encourage ethnic diversity and intergenerational activities and finally, to challenge stereotypes around age and xenophobia by strengthening social cohesion, understanding  and solidarity in the local community.

What does DUO for a JOB do?

DUO for a JOB is a mentoring programme which connects young non-EU immigrants living in Brussels with senior professionals prior to their retirement, preferably from the same sector, so they can supervise and support young people in their job search. Once a link has been established, this non-profit organisation supervises and guides the duo through the mentoring period. There are eight stages in the DUO cycle:

  • Information sessions: a way of introducing the project and answering any questions.
  • Personal interviews: a way of getting to know mentors and mentees interested in the project.
  • Training: new mentors will undergo four days of compulsory training in order to provide a basic level of support to the young immigrant seeking employment.
  • The evaluation of the programme and training from the non-profit organisation is important to develop and improve the programme.
  • Forming the duo: new duos are paired each week during team meetings dedicated to the matching process. Matches are made based on different criteria, such as the business sector, languages spoken, personality and availability.
  • First meeting: after the matching process, a first meeting is organised so the duo can become acquainted and approve or reject the match.
  • Mentoring agreement: if the duo wants to continue, a second meeting is organised to sign the agreement and code of conduct.
  • The mentoring period lasts six months, during which the duo meets once a week. Different aspects are suggested to the duos, such as mock interview days, CV workshops, an accommodation guide and language sessions. At the end of the six month mentoring period, participants are asked to evaluate whether the programme has met their needs and whether their specific goals have been achieved.



How can you help DUO for a JOB?

Financial support for:

  • New interactive website
  • Development of teaching and resources given to mentors to help coach young immigrants in their search for employment
  • Development of new centres in Liège and Anvers

Volunteers in Belgium

  • Listening and supporting young people once a week
  • Logistic support for advertising campaigns and occasional events
  • Activities, occasional events, news and awareness campaigns
  • Fundraising during occasional events
  • Translation from French into Dutch and English






Translated by Christina Cordaroy


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