Eclosio est l’ONG de l’Université de Liège. Née en 2018 du rapprochement entre Aide au Développement Gembloux (ADG) et Universud-Liège, Eclosio renforce des initiatives respectueuses de l’humain et de l’environnement et contribue à l’exercice des droits fondamentaux des populations.

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Eclosio Takeo colzaSocial mission

Contribute to a world where everyone has the chance to eat a healthy, balanced diet and make a decent living from their activities. Eclosio promotes sustainable management of natural resources, a balanced economic development which enables autonomy and social justice based on solidarity.

What does Eclosio do?

Together with its partners, Eclosio promotes food sovereignty of the Southern population and promotes environmentally sustainable farming of the land and respect for its craftsmen.

  • Technical, methodological and financial support to farming families, particularly for the production, processing, marketing and consumption of high-quality agricultural products:

    • Action to improve the nutrition of local people and promote the sustainable cultivation of quinoa (Oruro County, south altiplano, Bolivia). 
    • Production of a technical manual which implements agro-ecological techniques for the breeding of free-range chickens and for fighting against pests which infest the mulberry plantations (Cambodia).
    • Provision of equipment and agricultural resources; the latter will be purchased or reimbursed (Senegal).
  • Training of the local development actors:

    • Training of new vegetable farmers.

    • Extension of agricultural practices adapted to the local context (Senegal).

    • Methodological training course in supporting new methods in family agriculture carried out for fifteen professionals from the South.

  • Establish dialogue between farmers' organizations, local stakeholders and local and national authorities in the interests of rural families:

    • Actions to improve the enjoyment of the rights of rural families (Ancash region, Peru).

    • Eclosio also helps farming families to organise and assemble their own farmers' organisations to enable better access to resources and markets (Cambodia).

  • Information & Belgian public awareness:

    • Eclosio organises the procedures for education, raising awareness of North / South relations and international solidarity whilst making all efforts to ensure that there are opportunities for involvement and student engagement.

How can you help?

Financial support for the following:

  • The pilot project in Cambodia to support farming families in the Soarb community.

Volunteers in Belgium:

  • Translation: English and Spanish (from and into French)

  • Aware raising (fairs /events)

  • Fundraising

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