Eradicate the sexual exploitation of children.

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Social mission

Eradicate the sexual exploitation of children.

ECPATWhat does ECPAT do?

ECPAT International is the only global network dedicated to the fight against child sexual exploitation. ECPAT Belgium, member of ECPAT International, grounds its work on three distinct pillars:

  • PREVENT: Through regular preventive actions with professionals such as tourism professionals, lawyers, guardians, our awareness actions highlight the realities of child sexual exploitation in order to stop abuses.
  • LISTEN: Our cornerstone is to position children and youth victims at the centre of our movement. Making their voices heard in our studies, strategic choices and actions is essential to stay connected and attentive to their needs.
  • MOBILIZE: The fight against the sexual exploitation of children must be carried out together. Therefore, ECPAT Belgium mobilizes its partners and civil society as a whole to protect children.


Some examples of their work:

(Dé)clic : online safety by and for the youth

Through playful and interactive trainings, ECPAT Belgium empowers young people (12-18 years) to protect themselves and their peers from online sexual exploitation. The originality of the project lies in the fact that young people provide  trainings to other young people, in high schools and in centers for unaccompanied foreign minors . The direct involvement of the teenagers makes the prevention both more relevant and sustainable.

 ReACT: protect child victims

Through child-friendly brochures/videos translated in 15 languages, ECPAT Belgium informs minors of theirs rights as victims. We also train field professionals (guardians, lawyers, social workers, police officers, hotels, travel agencies, etc.) to detect and react if they suspect situations of child sexual exploitation.

 “I say STOP !”: Don’t look away to child sexual exploitation

Since 2004, ECPAT Belgium has been coordinating the campaign “I say STOP!” in order to end the impunity of travelling child sex offenders.


How can you help?

ECPAT would use your donations for:

  • Develop new trainings on « online safety » for children, to implement in a wide network of 50 schools throughout Belgium: 10.000€ (printing, transports, trainers).

  • Develop a phone version of the “I say STOP!” website: 20.000€ (development and online release).

  • Reprinting in 13 languages of the materials to inform unaccompanied migrant minors of their rights in Belgium: 2000€.

  • ECPAT Belgium makes use of your donations to daily reinforce its prevention activities targeting children and professionals.

ECPAT would like the help of volunteers for:

  • Administration/secretariat: 1 day/week
  • Accounting : 1 day/month
  • Fundraising: 2 days/month
  • Translation (English-French-Dutch): 2 days/month
  • Webmastering : 2 days/months

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