Educational, medical and social projects in India

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Social mission

The not-for-profit organization 'Famille sans Frontières' is active in the whole Republic of India. This small organization is completely run by volunteers. It only takes on small-scale projects, corresponding to the means put in the project. The organization started in the years 1960 as an adoption service. 600 children of Indian origin found a home in Belgium or Luxembourg. In 1994, the last adoption child came to Belgium. The organization switched to the support of projects in India ever since. These projects want to reach further than offering aid: they want to motivate their beneficiaries into taking their lives in their own hands. To realize this, the organization started partnerships with local responsible persons. The organization accentuates in het projects the pedagogical and medico-social aspects.


This organisation communicates in French. Please consult the information in French to learn more.


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