Fighting multiple sclerosis through scientific research

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Multiple sclerosis (MS) is an autoimmune disease of the central nervous system. The body causes damage to its own tissues in this system, particularly the fatty tissue that surrounds and protects the nerve fibers mainly in the brain and spinal cord. These attacks cause disorders that may result in a physical handicap. In Belgium, which is a high-risk region, over 13. 500 people are diagnosed with the MS disease. The Charcot foundation supports scientific researches with the goal of improving the existing treatments, reducing the side effects and examining therapeutic combinations that have been successful for other autoimmune diseases. In the future, the foundation will support researches aimed to develop new treatments to stop the MS disease when diagnosed.

What does Belgian Charcot Foundation do?

  • Fundamental research
  • Clinical research: Since 2008, the foundation supports a clinical research PIXAMS Fase I/II that aims to develop a treatment against a severe form of MS. 
  • Information 


The Belgian Charcot Foundation is completely independent and covers the whole Belgian country. Its financial means are provided by donations, legacies and the support of private partners. In 30 years time the Charcot foundation has supported 132 projects of more than 200 researchers in different universities, institutes or research centres in Belgium.

How can you help?

Financial donations:

  • Support to increase the Charcot Fund for fundamental research : € 50,000 / project

  • Creating a "Charcot Fellowship" Multiple Sclerosis Fellowship for PhD student for 4 years every year
  • Run for MS Research during the 20Km of Brussels in het Charcot Team our support the runners of the Charcot Team:


Logistic help during events the 20KM of Brussels (19/05/2019) and in het handling of our mailings (avril 2019 - octobre 2019). More information: 

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