Aims to provide help and support to poor and underprivileged hospital patients in the Saint-Jean clinic (Brussels)

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Social mission

Help children in the child-psychiatric unit at the St. Jean clinic to cope with their pain, to combat the exclusion of people lacking the necessary financial income to qualify for the minimal medical examinations and to help humanise hospital stays.

What does Foundation Saint-Jean do?

Fondation Saint Jean enfants hospitalises

Actions in support of child psychiatry

  • Recreational activities: Each year, the St. Jean Foundation enables up to 100 children between 3 to 12 years old suffering from severe psychological problems and hospitalised in the psychiatry unit, "Domino", to participate in activities that support their medical therapy such as hippotherapy sessions, music workshops, art therapy and pottery. The Foundation is also involved in providing educational materials and arranging transfers from the clinic to various locations to carry out activities (the sea, farms, swimming pools, etc.). The Foundation covers half the salary of a coordinator and a psychologist. 

  • Refurbishment of the premises / areas: the provision of development expenses of premises to be used for activities, an isolation room for when a child has an attack, a permanent play area on the roof of the St. Jean clinic to be exclusively used by children undergoing treatment in the child psychiatry unit.

Fight against exclusion

  • Medical care: The St. Jean Foundation covers medical care for people lacking the necessary financial income to qualify for the minimal medical examinations (the Foundation have repeatedly intervened, in collaboration with the social services of the St. Jean clinic, when children and adults are hospitalised with no medical insurance).

Humanising hospital stays

  • Creating reception areas: The St. Jean Foundation has contributed to both the creation of an area for receiving families accompanying patients on dialysis and to the extension of the reception areas for services such as radiotherapy treatments, palliative care, etc.

Second hand shop

  • Twice a month , in an area next to the St Jean Hospital, volunteers opened the second hand shop for deprived populations of the neighborhood.

All of the St. Jean Foundation actions are carried out by volunteers.

How can you help?

Financial support:

  • For the organisation of activities offered to children of the Domino (psychiatry) unit.

  • to cover the costs of any modifications to the premises.

  • to help people lacking the necessary financial resources.

Volunteers in Belgium

  •  Fundraising: The St. John Foundation is always looking for volunteers for its activities such as Christmas or Easter Market, second-hand clothes sales, jumble sales and organised lunches.

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