works on sustainable development together with education, a wide audience and company employees.

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The mission of GoodPlanet

To inspire young and old, and make them aware of sustainable development, to activate groups in the field of sustainability and see sustainability themes anchored in our society.

What does GoodPlanet  do?

GoodPlanet will focus mainly on the following themes from 2017-2021:

  • Sustainable food from field to table
  • Connection between humans and nature
  • Circular economy and managing resources.

In addition, GoodPlanet is currently running projects around Mobility and Traffic Safety, Water, Energy, Climate and Seas and Oceans.

GoodPlanet's thematic way of working is reinforced by the following areas of focus: community life (social dimension of sustainable development), sustainable job creation, health and sustainable cities and communities. GoodPlanet has been SGD Voice in Belgium since late 2016: this is an ambassador role with the aim of vulgarising and making known the worldwide sustainability goals.

How can you help?

Financial support

  • for an additional full-time staff member: GoodPlanet has only 7% structural subsidy, so 93% of its revenue is generated by projects. The margin on these projects for innovation (responding to recent social needs, tapping into new target groups ...), organisation development (developing a B2B section, CRM, Communication ...) and impact monitoring (measuring the impact on individuals and groups and adjusting where necessary) is too limited. Ideally, GoodPlanet should be able to allow a full-time staff member to work on these matters that currently have to be dealt with outside working hours. A full-time staff member costs around 70,000 EUR per year (including running costs).

Volunteers in Belgium

  • for help with logistics (campaigns, events): GoodPlanet is often invited to take part in trade fairs and events ... Paid employees are too expensive to be released for such occasions. Moreover, such occasions often take place in the weekends. Although the GoodPlanet team works really hard, and for long hours, this is taking things a bit too far. Nevertheless, it would be good for GoodPlanet to be represented at such events more often, to extend the range of its support and encourage people to become a GoodFriend (follower, interested party).
  • for animation, information, awareness raising: certain awareness-raising activities can be carried out by volunteers, who can receive TTT training to do so. For example: awareness raising about waste at festivals, the GoodPlanet 5- action-days Challenges, assisting schools with a vegetable garden as part of the 'Watch them grow' campaign, animation items at GoodPlanet exhibitions (To Bee or Not to Bee, Human Migrations, Water ...).
  • for chores, maintenance: maintenance and transport exhibitions                                                                                                                             
  • for bookkeeping: help with financial files/bookkeeping                           
  • fundraising: finding individual contributors for the organisations translating: Dutch-French (very often) German (regularly)
  • website: writing articles about the activities of the non-profit organisation for the site
  • other (describe) ...: photographing GoodPlanet projects, helping measure impact and carrying out market research (surveys, target group interviews), help with planning workshops and training in schools (telephone contact with schools, registering with education staff scheduling).
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