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Social mission

Created in Brussels in 1979, GRIP (Group for research on peace and security) developed in a particular context, that of the Cold War. At that time, its first works of research tackled the balance of power resulting from the East-West confrontation and, throughout the 1980’s, GRIP became well-known for the accuracy of its analyses and information reports dealing with the arms race and its mechanisms, the interests at stake, etc.

What does the GRIP do?

  • Publications : reports, notes and analysis o the GRIP are aimed to a wide audience of policymakers, media's, academics, students (university and higher secondary). An outreach effort is made to inform the public.

  • Research and advocacy : on disarmament and on a better control of the arms trade . Examples:Treaty for banning weapons munitions (prohibition treaty adopted on 3/12/2008 by the Oslo Convention), International treaty on the arms trade (TCA, adopted on 04/02/2013 by the United Nations in New York) .

  • Training and support of associations of civil society in Africa : on the issue of the proliferation of small arms and light weapons in Burkina Faso, Ivory Coast, Mali, Niger, Senegal, Burundi , DR Congo and Rwanda.

  • Surveys on fieldwork : GRIP was commissioned in 2010 by the UNDP ( United Nations Development Programme ) to conduct a survey on the proliferation of firearms in RD Congo and help the United Nations and the United States to develop future policies to reduce armed violence in eastern Congo. 

  • Survey on homemade firearms ( Burkina Faso , DR Congo ).

  • Development of a high level of expertise : related to arms control through research and involvement of the association in many international networks :RAFAL ( Francophone African Network on Small Arms ) network of associations of African civil society.

  • EU Non-Proliferation Consortium : network of research centers on the non-proliferation of nuclear and conventional weapons, academic networks in the framework of COST Actions of the European Union, networks formed with other research centers and NGOs .

How can you help?

  • Financial support for 2 new projects related to " Peace & security in Asia-Pacific" and "Environment and climate change, security issues": 100.000€/project


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