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Support for the Ethiopian non-governmental organisation OSRA which works towards improving the living conditions of rural communities in Oromia.

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Social mission

To support and help Oromo Self-Reliance Association (OSRA), an association under Ethiopian law, to attain the objectives that it has set itself to encourage the population of the Oromia region to get involved with development initiatives, in particular by securing funding to carry out projects.

What does Help Osra Ethiopia?

All of the projects are initiated by OSRA in Ethiopia. Villagers in the regions in question make requests and then, in discussion with OSRA, list them in order of priority. A small portion of the projects undertaken by OSRA in Ethiopia involve the NPO Help Osra Ethiopia. This NPO has fostered links with several European associations (e.g. CCFD in France and the NPO Solidarité Mondiale in Belgium), garnering support for the key areas of focus of the development programme:

  • Promoting “cereal banks” and supporting agricultural organisations, including helping them to protect their livelihood

  • Providing access to drinking water, sanitation facilities and hygiene education in schools

  • Advocating for women and fighting against discriminatory traditional practices

  • Developing home gardening.

How can you help them?

Financial support:

  • Providing access to drinking water and sanitation in two rural schools: €25,000

  • Small-scale family-based agricultural projects designed to improve the lives of women: €5,000

  • Digging wells and providing access to drinking water in a village: €15,000



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