Because every cancer patient deserves optimal treatment.

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Social Mission

1 in 4 Belgians develops cancer. This is the harsh reality. The good news? We will defeat cancer. The Anticancer Fund is a non-profit organisation with an international scope. We support cancer research and we help patients by giving them information about cancer treatments based on scientific evidence.


 What does the Anticancer Fund do?


The Anticancer Fund investigates promising cancer treatments with a clear value for the patient. 

  • It promotes, finances and coordinates clinical trials aiming to deliver societal benefit that is neglected by the pharma industry. Research in rare cancers and in surgery for example.
  • The Anticancer Fund also helps cancer patients. People who are diagnosed with cancer often are a bit lost and are full of questions. The Anticancer Fund gives them free information about their treatment options, relying on scientific evidence. This way, it empowers patients to make informed decisions with their physician.
  • And, important also: the Anticancer Fund puts the fight against cancer on top of the political agenda. It engages with decision-makers and advocacy groups to eliminate barriers to rapid and affordable access to more cancer treatments.


The Anticancer Fund depends fully on donations and on private funding. Operational costs are covered by the founder of the Anticancer Fund, the entrepreneur Luc Verelst, allowing all other donations to go entirely to the projects it invests in.

The Anticancer Fund is independent. With no commercial stakeholders, it can guarantee that the patients is truly its focus. To defeat cancer, science is the compass and the patient the guide.



How can you help?

Financial support

Your donations realise miracles. You can donate to the Anticancer Fund as a whole, but also to a specific research project or to the personal service for cancer patients, My Cancer Navigator.

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Get in touch. The Anticancer Fund will be happy to hear from you.


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