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Social Mission

The Anticancer Fund is an independent non-profit organisation dedicated to expanding the range of treatment options available to cancer patients, regardless of commercial value. Th Fund supports promising non-commercial research, seeks new and better treatment options, and engages in comprehensive knowledge-sharing. With no commercial shareholders or interference from special interest groups or pharma companies, its focus remains exclusively on patients.


 What does the Anticancer Fund do?

  • Putting science at the service of cancer patients and society. The search for solutions that contribute to this goal should drive evidence-based research.
  • An approach based on knowledge, no-nonsense pragmatism and realising tangible impact, preferably with short-term results.
  • Research funding
    • The ACF contributes to research by providing direct financial support for clinical trials, covering 50% of the total trial cost on average. The ACF’s donations range from proportionally smaller contributions to larger consortium trials (e.g. 20% of €700,000 in costs – ASPIRIN trial) to 100% coverage of fully sponsored trials (e.g. 100% of €250,000 in costs – KETOROLAC trial).
    • The ACF’s strategy for future project support is to apply the same level of donation money even more effectively by acting more often as a strategic driver (by e.g. catalyzing, driving, initiating, and managing trials) of a larger number of independent clinical trials by encouraging clinicians to form consortia. In addition, more efforts will be made to cooperate with other philanthropic organizations for co-financing projects.
    • Besides providing direct financial support to clinical trials, the Anticancer Fund also offers support in the form of strategic input. In-house researchers assist with consortium-building, and protocol and documentation development.

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How can you help?

Financial support

The ACF is supported by a yearly financial commitment from its founder and chairman, Luc Verelst. All overhead costs of the fund are covered in full by him. A portion of the ACF’s donations is earmarked for specific research topics or clinical trials at the discretion of the donator or affiliated organisation. In addition to direct donations received, the ACF team also assists and supports research institutions in securing additional funding via other channels, thus funnelling more money into independent cancer research that explores additional cancer treatment options.

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