Promoting basic education for all Africans

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Social mission

To bring together African NGOs that are concerned with children and young people’s education and to support the advocacy work they are doing in their local authorities, in order to achieve a good-quality basic education for all, especially the most vulnerable.

What does Iday do?

IDAY supports and supervises the management of five national offices, co-financed through IDAY-International, and six local support missions, and organises two regional assemblies (in West Africa since 2015).

  • Co-ordinating and building the capacity of the IDAY network: technical support for 19 coalition members of the IDAY network in Africa, who share best practice in education, and in combatting customs that limit young girls’ access to education (child marriage, discrimination…), domestic child abuse, malaria as the main cause of school absenteeism and in protecting the right to education for unfree children (who are in prison).

  • Advocacy: co-ordination of the network’s regional campaigns, awareness-raising and advocacy events on the Day of the African Child (16 June), commemoration of the Message of Yaguine & Fodé (2 August), advocating for the inclusion of international solidarity charities in the new Belgian development co-operation law, active participation in various consultations on development co-operation in Belgium (Educaid, CNCD, Be-Cause Health, FASI).

  • Communications and network presence: development of various materials, upgrading website (currently under development), publication of three themed Newsletters, media contact, management of online presence.

  • Management of the Project Bank: help with setting up projects, publication on the Project Bank, help finding financial partners, monitoring and evaluation of projects.

How can you help?

Financial help for:

  • Combatting domestic child abuse in Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, Kenya and the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). Budget to be raised: €145.00

  • Combatting malaria, the main cause of school absenteeism: budget for a scientific study of Artemisia annua (sweet wormwood), to be made available for use as a curative and preventative remedy. Budget to be raised: €2,000,000

  • Schools clubs against abuse in Kivu, DRC: €26,140

  • School gardens, to improve pupils’ health: €60,878 in Burundi; €45,522 in Kenya; €45,000 in Uganda

  • Good-quality education for ‘Talibé’ children: Burkina Faso €48,284

  • Education for children in outlying villages, thanks to bicycles: Burkina Faso €20,000

  • Professional training for disabled children: Uganda €15,836

  • Protection and social integration for children born through rape: Kivu, RDC €10,773

  • Restoration of schools in Luwafu and Lampstand: Uganda €11,497

  • Schools for children in prison: Cameroon €53,686

  • Support for a shelter for children accused of witchcraft (‘MHEED’ shelter): DRC €31,423

  • Schooling and community integration for orphans and vulnerable children – ‘Sunshine Kids Fund’: Togo €402,793

  • Educational support in Eastern Niger, where ‘idle’ children are targets for Boko-Haram: Niger €63,062

  • School gardens in the Nyarugusu refugee camp: Niger €57,777

  • Combatting malaria in schools with Artemisia annua: Kinshasa, DRC €6,725

  • Head office support for all projects: Belgium €140,000 per annum.

Volunteers in Belgium:

  • Administrative/secretarial support in Braine-l’Alleud

  • Logistical support

  • Entertainment, information, awareness-raising

  • Fundraising

  • Translation: English, Dutch

  • Other: support with project presentations.

Volunteers abroad:

  • Co-ordinating IDAY’s advocacy activities in various African countries.

Translated by Madeleine Hannah (Translation for Progress).



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