Accompaniment on the field of administrative steps for people with difficulties

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Social mission

The non-profit association Les Amis d’Accompagner is a first-line socio-legal guidance and ambulatory accompany service.

Les Amis d'accompagner

What does Les Amis d'Accompagner

Beneficiaries and volunteers carry out the actions necessary to improve the situation in the field. For example, visiting accommodation, presenting a request to a legal aid lawyer, meeting a school director, a doctor or a social worker, being interviewed by an advisor at the ONEM (public employment bureau).The volunteers of Les Amis d’Accompagner are supervised by professionals. They welcome, listen, provide guidance, and accompany free of charge people who face a difficult situation.

Les Amis d’Accompagner asbl (The friends of Accompanying) is a frontline NGO that provides socio-legal services that focus on the accompanying people in need by supporting them take steps to find a solution to their problems:

  • Located in Brussels
  • Person-centred
  • Composed by a team of volunteers supervised by professionals
  • Part of a network of institutions and NGOs
  • Working all over Belgium
  • Benefitting from rigorous financial management.

The association has 2 services: the socio-legal one and the support to partners. The 2 services work towards the same aim.

The socio-legal service welcomes people in precarious situations who make an appointment to come to our offices. It follows beneficiaries throughout the process, aiming at improving their situation. This process may involve being accompanied in the field by a trained volunteer.


Please consult the information in French to learn more about it.

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