Implementing academic capabilities to meet the challenges of development.

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Social mission

Louvain Cooperation meets the global development challenges through ensuring the quality of health care (clinics, training, etc.), making health care mutually accessible to all and supporting at the micro level. In Belgium, the Louvain Cooperation raises awareness in the university community of the development concerns and North-South relations.

What does Louvain Cooperation do?

Since 1981, the Louvain Cooperation fights against hunger, disease, and poverty alongside disadvantaged populations.  The NGO is active in the following areas in 8 southern countries (in Africa, South America and Asia):

Health Care:

The NGO and its partners work alongside professionals in order to improve the quality and availability of health care and guarantee access to medication. With the support of the Louvain Cooperation, the individuals responsible for health services organize the care in their area in the most autonomous and acceptable manner at an affordable cost for families. Quality health care allows the populations to:

  • Preserve their health

  • Organize more autonomous care

  • Reduce the costs they must bear

Access to Health Care:

Sharp reductions in public health expenditures that occur in most developing countries, many countries have begun charging for access to health services. It is, therefore, impossible for rural populations to pay these costs without jeopardizing their future.  To deal with these situations, the Louvain Cooperation develops a mutual health insurance scheme that allows their members to access care without going into debt. In exchange for a membership fee and an annual contribution, defined according to each person’s capabilities, the member and his/her family can access health services at any time. Access to health care allows populations to:

  • Access to health care structures at any time at an affordable cost.

  • Create and develop a health insurance system.

Development education:

A large part of the problems in the south is due to unequal relationships with the north. In Belgium, the Louvain Cooperation works with the academic community of Louvain-la-Neuve. Various activities are organised by the NGO in collaboration with the student, academic, associative and university populations. These awareness campaigns, informative support activities (exhibitions, conferences, etc.), extend to projects and the production of educational tools.

The development of education proposed by the Louvain Cooperation consists of:

  • Educate the academic community (professors, students, and administrators) in North/South relations.

  • Encourage them to work for a more just and united world.

Louvain Cooperation is present in 8 Countries : Benin, Togo, Burundi, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Peru, Bolivia, Madagascar, Cambodia.

How can you help?

Financial support for:

  • Developing the hospital of  Belo in Madagascar : 13.000€

  • Encourage the entrepreneurship in North Benin (227.288€) and rural entrepreneurship in Burundi (24.026€)

  • Developing a mutual health insurance system in East Africa and Burundi : 341.223€

Volunteers in Belgium:

  • Administrative/Secretariat:  2-3 people each year, on to two times per week depending on needs.

  • Logistical Aide:  3-5 people for one-time assistance based on the planned activities.

  • Accounting:  1 person, once a week.

  • Translation: 1-2 people for French in to Dutch and English.

  • Webmastering

Volunteers abroad:

  • Logistical Aide

  • Other: agronomic engineer, nurse, etc.




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