Individual suidance for young exiles and collective workshops.

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Social mission

Mentor Escale endeavours to lead not accompanied foreign minors towards autonomy, to create a social network around them and to support their blooming.

What does Mentor-Escale do?

  • Individual accompaniment: for young exiles recognised as MENA (Mineurs en Exil Non Accompagnés) who comes from the centre Fedasil. Mentor-Escale give them a individual accompaniment in all the steps related to the stay, housing, schooling, financial autonomy, health of the foreign minors. Each year, Mentor-Escale helps a 150 exiled young people are supported with the individual accompaniment.
  • Community activities: extra teaching, data processing, cooking, music, production of video clips, sport, holiday camps. A reception area with a cyberspace, newspapers and a comfortable living room is opened every week (mo-fr.) for the young refugiees. Each year, approximately 300 young people who are not or no longer supported at the individual level involved in these community activities.

A Mentor-Escale antenna is also available in Namur at Adolphe Bastin street, 35-5000 Namur - tel. 081 22 40 17 - -

How can you help?

Financial support for:

  • Organization of excursions and holiday camps for the young recipients : € 9.800
  • To cover the management costs of the organisation 

Volunteers in Belgium:

  • Host families
  • Administration/secretarial
  • Buddying
  • Animation
  • Translations: dari (farsi), pachtoun, peul, malinké, arabe…
  • Webmastering and graphism
  • Other: school guidance
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