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Music Fund's mission

Music Fund is a humanitarian organization that supports musicians and music schools in conflict zones, in developing countries and in Belgium.

Music Fund on donorinfo.beWhat does Music Fund do?

Music Fund collects instruments in Europe, repairs them and gives them a second life in Africa, the Middle East and Central America. Music Fond also trains instrument repairers and offers an exchange of teaching skills.

  • Beta Mbonda project (Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo): this percussion group consists of former young offenders who have regained their place in society through their passion for traditional Congolese music. As traditional instruments (madimba, lokombes, ditumba) are difficult to find in Kinshasa, Music Fund set up an instrument workshop there in 2012 to teach young people how to make traditional percussion instruments.

  • Espace Masolo project (Kinshasa, DRC):Espace Masolo is a refuge for street children and young people whose family ties have broken down. Some of them are regarded as child witches. The centre organizes activities and training in cutting and sewing, theatre, music and sculpture. In 2009, Espace Masolo created a fanfare, which has become one of the highlights of the centre’s calendar. Music helps these children and adolescents to find a meaning in their new life. The Espace Masolo fanfare is a regular event in the streets and squares of Kinshasa.

  • UNRWA Project (Gaza, Palestine):Music Fund is working in partnership with UNRWA on a training programme for teachers in Gaza, using music as a teaching tool in basic education. In the refugee camps, children are regularly in contact with music. When the project began in 2013, musical instruments were made available to teachers for their training and teaching. A total of 60 teachers have taken part in the programme in three years.

  • Saving Gaza’s only Grand Piano: in 2015, in anticipation of a concert by conductor and pianist Daniel Barenboim, Music Fund repaired a grand piano - the only concert piano in the region. The project was featured in a BBC documentary.

  • Gaza Music School:this unique music academy in Gaza is supported by the Edward Said National Conservatory of Music and the Qattan Foundation. Students are taught how to play both Western and oriental instruments.

  • Instrument repair workshops (Marche-en-Famenne, Belgium):since 2013, Music Fund has had two repair shops for guitars and wind instruments. They serve as a training centre (for example, for young people who have dropped out of school), a permanent collection point and a workshop for repairing all the instruments collected by Music Fund. Visits to the workshop are organized for disabled people in cooperation with the Union Francophone des Handicapés. The workshops also offer training courses in instrument making for the inmates of Marche-en-Famenne prison.

Music Fund also has activities in Mozambique, Haiti and Morocco. In Belgium, it provides instruments to elderly people in Gent and Anvers and to refugee centres in Wallonia.

How can you help Music Fund?

Financial support for:

  • The cost of the projects in developing countries (instrument donations, air tickets, local missions, cost of instrument repairs, musicians’ costs, local transport): 60,000 euros / year per  project. In 2016-2019, missions are planned for seven projects: Beta Mbonda & Espace Masolog (DRC), the Tétouan Music Academy (Morocco), Cemuchka (Haiti), ENA and ENM (Mozambique), and Gaza Music Academy (Palestine).

Volunteers in Belgium:

  • logistical assistance: 4 x / year
  • activities, information, public awareness: 3 x /year
  • DIY, maintenance: monthly
  • translations: NL-FR, NL-EN, 5 x / year
  • website: weekly

Volunteers abroad

  • Professional musicians and instrument repairers (from 1 to 3 people per mission).

Equipment needs:

  • Musical instruments and supplies.
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