Ensuring every person with a disability can live independently.

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Groot Begijnhof 31
(+32) 09/324.38.77


Onafhankelijk Leven vzw is a social movement that is ensuring an increasing number of disabled people can live a normal life and find a place in society. The non-profit organisation encourages the use of personal assistance, freely chosen by the disabled person, so they do not have to be dependent on the goodwill of family, friends or other social organisations. 30 years ago, when the organisation issued a call for personal assistance, it was a unique and innovative concept. Now, it is a right that is regulated by law, which 3,000 people benefit from. In the future, thousands of new beneficiaries will be able to make use of the system developed by Onafhankelijk Leven. The nonprofit organisation is completely independent and is pursuing its objective of serving, informing, advising and guiding disabled people so that they can participate in society.        


This organisation communicates in Dutch. Please consult the information in Dutch to learn more.

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