The launch and implementation of development programmes in the areas of health/hygiene and access to drinking water.

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Social mission

The launch and implementation of development programmes for and with the most impoverished populations, mainly in the areas of hygiene, sanitation, provision of supplies, provision of water and preventative health care.  

PAD strengthens the skills of local people to manage the projects in a long lasting and independent way. The majority of the members of the board of PAD are former expatriates specialised in the areas of health/hygiene, nutrition, education and access to water. They ensure the technical training of expatriates and local teams and regularly carry out follow-up projects in the field. PAD is currently carrying out programmes in hygiene, sanitation and the provision of water in Burundi and Haiti.

Burundi - 2 programmes for the communes of Mutimbuzi and Gihanga which help the beneficiaries to:

  • identify the problems (water contamination pathways within the community)

  • find the solutions that are appropriate for the circumstances and to the possibilities of the terrain

  • change behaviours with regard to hygiene.

The communities receive support for the implementation of construction work that has been identified as necessary (drainage ditches, latrinespro action developpement eau haiti burundi, watering holes, etc.). At the end of the cycle, the programmes will ensure the integration of eco sanitation techniques on family farms, enabling the reuse of organic human and vegetable waste in agriculture. Recreational activities specifically for children are also offered for issues surrounding hygiene (washing hands, using latrines, using drinking water, etc.).

Haiti – programme in the Grande’Anse department:

The programme targets different audiences (the general public, primary schools, rural communities, urban communities), ensuring the implementation of a structure to sustain the achievements of campaigns carried out with the public. Currently, two radio adverts have been made to raise awareness in the general public. The programme has been developed in five primary schools (around 2,000 pupils) and around ten towns and villages (about 750 households). Work is carried out according to the needs of the community: installation of latrines (community latrines for the schools, family latrines in the towns and villages), urinals, spring management, water recovery systems, etc.


Translated by Hannah Rees (Translation for Progress).


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