Quinoa is an ngo active in the field of global citizenship and solidarity education

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Social mission

For Quinoa, global citizenship and solidarity education is: creating awareness, pointing out the fact that the relationship between the North and the South is not equal and showing commitment for the sociocultural, political and economical world of today. This leads to:

  • awareness about the inequality of the relationship between the North and the South
  • open-mindedness towards the reality and the richness of other cultures
  • reflection about our society and its future
  • taking up a commitment for the benefit of an equal relationship between the North and the South.

Gathering knowledge together with others is the slogan of Quinoa. They organise workshops to gather this knowledge. The emphasis lies on experimenting, imitating situations, gathering knowledge and the effect that these activities have on the participants.

What does Quinoa do?

  • Publications and pedagogical instruments: These publications have special attention for development cooperation, promote a critical point of view towards the news, have testimonies from volunteers, have news from partner organizations in the South, ... The publications of Quinoa are always inspired by their experiences on the field.

  • Sensibilisation actions: L'Autre Pack, the Esperanzah Festival, Campus Plein Sud, ...

  • Animation for schools and for other organizations: The target groups of these animations are the students of the 4th, 5th and 6th year of high school. The topics adressed are very diverse (debt burden of Third World countries, mechanisms that are responsible for the inequality between the North and the South, stereotypes, intercultural exchanges). For younger children, Quinoa proposes to let them make their own toys. By recycling old materials they learn a bit more about the environment, about pollution, about children's rights, ...

  • Education: Education must lead to reflection about differences, similarities and the dependence between North and South. It must make you think about our society and compare our system and other sociocultural, economical and political models. Roleplays, testimonies, ... are used to dig up the knowledge and experiences of the participants. This knowledge and experiences are used as a leverage to reflect on development cooperation.

  • Partners who visit Belgium: Quinoa invites on a regular basis partners from the South. These invitations are always linked to cultural events and public debates so as to make the projects in the South known to a broader public.

  • International projects in Africa, Latin-America and Asia: This is the best known and most visible activity of Quinoa. Between a 100 and 150 participants a year take part to a project from a partner organization ('chantiers'). Participants can work on a micro-project for a month in Africa, Latin-America or Asia. The partner organizations are specialised in different fields: ecology, strenghtening the social structures, defending human rights, education, ...

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