Organisation of development aid in India to stimulate the local economy, improve education and health care.

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  • Better education for children from disadvantaged families, construction of basic schools (nursery and primary) in remote regions. Scholarship programmes.
  • Socio-economic development and emancipation of women by setting up support groups, reinforcing small loans and training
  • Rehabilitation programme and professional training for disabled children and adults.

What does Sahaya do?

Sahaya is fundraising to improve the living conditions of poor populations in developing countries. The association is currently active in southern India where they are working with Sahaya International Inc. (U.S.) and the local organisation READ (Rural Education and Development Action). Sahaya works exclusively with teams of volunteers and supervises how the funds are spent. Each year, an administrator spends 1 month on site to ensure the projects are being followed up, to verify the accounts and identify any new needs.


  • Child sponsorship programmes: so that the children can go to school. The organisation helps many girls who often have fewer opportunities than the boys to enable them to have a better future.
  • Vasanthi funds: more and more sponsored children in secondary education wish to continue with higher education. The association has decided to create special funding to cover these extra costs. The funds are named after a young woman who, thanks to the support from asbl, is now a nurse helping those in need.
  • The construction of private primary schools and teacher training: the asbl provides teaching materials and finances teacher training.
  • Disabled children: schools for mentally disabled children, physiotherapy for disabled persons.
  • Professional training (sewing, making greeting cards, IT) for both disabled and able-bodied young people.

Socio-economic development and emancipation of women

By taking part in support groups for women, these women learn how to organise and set up their own company. The asbl provides small loans.

Health and hygiene

  • Construction of wells supplied with drinkable water.
  • The prevention and treatment of HIV/AIDS, medical research in the organisation’s schools.

How can you help?

Financial support

  • For the Mother Teresa School – Periyakrishnapuram (in partnership with READ) and the Jawahar Matriculation School – Andimadam (ISM READ): to cover the general costs (including teacher support and teachers’ salaries) and the purchase of school materials.
  • Sponsoring the aid programme for orphans and children infected with HIV in India: fundraising for 70 sponsored children. Cost: 26€/child/month.
  • Vasanthi funds for higher education: the organisation is searching for additional sponsors to support young people in higher education.
  • Professional training for young women (in partnership with READ)
  • Anbagam Special Schools in Andimadam and Perambular (in partnership with READ): 2 schools for physically disabled children. Financial support to rehabilitate physically disabled persons and mentally disabled adults, to cover the general costs (including teacher support and teachers’ salaries) and the purchase of school materials.
  • Small loan funds: READ helps small company owners become independent and earn their living to provide a better future for their families. In certain cases, these small loans are allocated from parts of the funds.

Volunteers in Belgium

  • Logistical aid
  • Organisation, information, awareness
  • Fundraising
  • Translation (EN/NL: information letters, website)

Volunteers abroad

Work placements for college and university students: English classes in primary schools and arts and craft activities in nursery school classes.

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