Fundraising and clothes collection to contribute to infrastructural projects.

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Salvatioriaanse hulp actie


Salvatoriaanse Hulpactie (l'Aide Salvatorienne) works under the auspices of the Salvatorians society which oversees three organisations working in conjunction : in Belgium, Salvatoriaanse Hulpactie vzw and Salvatoriaanse Ontwikkelingshulp vzw (focused primarily on clothes collection), and, in the Netherlands, the Stichting (foundation) Salvatoriaanse Hulpactie. By supporting a host of missionary, religious and independent voluntary aid projects in Asia, Africa, Central America and South America, the association is engaged in the fight against poverty, the development of healthcare, education, and in education and training with a view to improving the life situation of people in the targeted areas and to give them the means to make themselves heard by the community at large.


This organisation communicates in French/Dutch. Please consult the information in French/Dutch to learn more.

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