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The forum theatre centre is used to help underprivileged people learn how to overcome personal and social obstacles through different artistic methods.

What does Sering do?

  • Theatre projects: groups of underprivileged people and artistic professionals work together to produce quality theatre projects.
  • World Carrousel: Sering works in schools, services centres and virtually with World Carrousel partners (Pregones Theater in New York, Arena y Esteras in Lima, Tswepa – Tembisa in South Africa and Debaj – Manitoulin in Ontario) on projects in vocational and general secondary education schools. World Carrousel’s virtual office is a way of meeting and expanding the aims of a child’s world. In this case, Sering looks into ICT usage in the exchange, co-creation and the relationship between local communities in the global projects.
  • Young talent: raise talented yet vulnerable children by using new techniques including games and different media.
  • Forum theatre centre: like in many areas of vocational training, vulnerable groups need to repeat situations before being faced with them in real life. The forum theatre is able to create such situations. The centre’s learning activities are still being developed:
    • Seniors Theatre Workshop: centred on meeting, communication and independence.  Each week, elderly people get together to play theatre games in which they tell their story. Every 6 weeks, the results are given to the children and the elderly. In this way, the organisation fights against the isolation of elderly people and encourages communication among generations.
    • SARI Theatre Workshop (social reintegration): psychosocial rehabilitation through theatre.
    • SLIMM! Workshop: for those who suffer from behavioural problems (vandalism, alcohol or drug abuse, abuse of power). The participants are faced with the consequences of their acts and consider the alternatives to their behaviour.  Minimum of 3 workshops per week at the centre of on site. 

In 2012, 450 people took part in the Seraing not-for-profit organisation projects.

How can you help?

Financial support

  • Promo 1000 x 100: Sering is looking for 1000 donators (or groups of donators) willing to donate 100€ to keep the organisation running

Volunteers in Belgium

  • administration/secretarial work
  • logistics support (campaigns, events)
  • funds collection
  • translations: EN- ES ± 12 hours per month
  • webmastering ± 10 hours per month


  • school and teaching equipment
  • others: dance floor






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