Touché vzw promotes constructive action in situations of aggression and supports people with aggressive behaviour.

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The goal of Touché is to promote living together for constructive action in situations of aggression and to support people with aggressive behaviour. It teaches them to recognize this behaviour, control it and channel it into positive energy.

What does Touché do?

Touché works with people with aggressive behaviour, encouraging reflection on the alternatives to aggressive behaviour and non-violent resolution of conflicts. It supports these people in their relationships with others at work, in their private lives and with other prisoners and prison staff.

  • Therapeutic programmes:Touché offers individual or group support for anyone with aggressive behaviour both inside and outside prison.
  • Awareness building, prevention and repair: At least 2 parties are needed to work on (re)integration. Activities that influence attitudes are an important pillar of Touché’s work: arts and sports activities, media events, supervision by social care professionals, training for young people with ex-prisoners and experienced experts.
  • Prison reform – De Huizen (detention centres):Prison sentences should be treated differently;   detention should be aimed at reintegration. Detention centres offer a small-scale, local and differentiated approach, with tailor-made advice focused on solutions and the future. The beneficiaries are expected to make a contribution to the programme costs within their means, but as the numbers are limited, funds are insufficient.
  • BLINK (!): Seeking to expand its work to young people, Touché launched project BLINK (!) in 2017. More and more young people with mental issues are stuck in an aggressive spiral, no longer able to identify their feelings. Touché offers tailor-made individual support to these young people through a flexible, preventive and solution-oriented approach.


How can you help Touché?

Financial support:

  • The B(l)ink youth project: €15,000 to support 12 young people for 1 year.


  • IT/office equipment: computers and laptops for the beneficiaries

Volunteers in Belgium: 

  • IT: to help Touché with its IT activities
  • Administration and secretarial work: for the management of tax certificates


Translated by David Reardon via Translations for Progress

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