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Trias NGO is a development organisation which supports entrepreneurs in 14 countries across Latin America, Africa and Asia and attempts to sustainably improve the living conditions of approximately 3 million small farmers and entrepreneurs. 

Activities in the South

Trias has 10 national overseas offices which manage the programmes across 14 countries focused on supporting 140 local partners. These programmes mainly involve farmers and entrepreneurial groups in Asia, Africa and Latin America.  Large member organisations ensure that structured socio-economic changes are carried out. Trias ensures that disadvantaged entrepreneurs have access to professional training, affordable credit, and profitable markets and actively petitions for these causes which structurally improve entrepreneurs' livelihoods.

Credit for young entrepreneurs (Tanzania): improving access to start-up capital and training:

For 25 years, Trias has been working in the rural region of Arusha, paying particular attention to development opportunities for young people. This region has a significant number of flourishing sectors such as tourism and business. Tanzania is experiencing population growth with 46% of young people under 15 years of age. There is significant youth unemployment and a lack of financing and training.

  • Training: Trias helps young people to produce and market agricultural products, by-products, and services. The NGO has developed, with local partners TCCIA and MVIWATA, a specific programme for disadvantaged young people.  This programme provides training (IT, management, financial management...), support (creating a business plan) and access to credit.
  • Micro-credit: over half of young people begin with a starting capital of €250. This budget is often gathered from family or from the young person's personal savings, without the intervention of (micro)- credit organisations which consider young people as potential risks. Trias invests in conditional credit, a system whereby young entrepreneurs receive a starting capital of a maximum of double their own funds that they can invest in their business. Trias opts for the choice of credit funds rather than grants to encourage a snowball effect which will allow a growing number of young people to have access to credit in the future. 

Support for farmers in the Democratic Republic of Congo:

  • Professionalisation of small entrepreneurs and groups of farmers, such as Cocama.  Encouraging the sustainable development of young organisations with potential. 
  • Improving the quality of agricultural products with high added value such as cocoa, cooking plantain, palm oil and cassava. Thanks to improvements in cassava processing, an activity mostly performed by women, Trias strengthens their economic position both within the family and in the community.
  • Partnership: under the supervision of Trias, rural guilds have a partnership with the agricultural federation Repam which has seen recent progress in the fight for the rights of small farmers. 

Activities in the North

In Flanders, Trias NGO collaborates with the KLJ (Katholieke Landelijke Jeugd), the KVLV (Katholieke Vereniging van Landelijke Vrouwen), Landelijke Gilden (rural guilds) markant, Neos and Unizo. Trias promotes international solidarity within these organisations through the establishment of sustainable partnerships with partner organisations in the South.


Concrete needs

Financial support

  • For the programme "Credit for young Tanzanian entrepreneurs": €11,500.

Volunteers in Belgium

  • administration/ secretarial
  • NL/FR/EN/E/P translators
  • finances, accounts, micro-finance
  • communication and promotion
  • information and awareness raising
  • fundraising
  • logistical help during campaigns
  • photographers and film makers to create a visual representation of the visits to and from the South.


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