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Vluchtelingenwerk Vlaanderen (Flemish Refugee Action) supports people fleeing war, violence or persecution. Vluhtelingenwerk works closely with about 30 member organisations and can count on hundreds of volunteers. Together they lobby policy-makers and raise awareness with the wider public. Its work is diverse and ranges from high quality reception, housing and education, to employment and integration. Vluchtelingenwerk supports everyone who supports refugees and asylum seekers.

What do they do?

Defend the right to seek asylum

Everybody who lives in fear of violence, persecution or war has the right to refuge. Vluchtelingenwerk raises awareness of the global plight of refugees. Using powerful stories and accurate information, Vluchtelingenwerk explains why people flee and demonstrates how Europe and Belgium can best protect refugees.

Protect the rights of anyone who seeks asylum in our country

Vluchtelingenwerk acts as a watchdog, monitoring the treatment of asylum seekers and refugees in our country. Universal human rights lie at the heart of everything it does. The organization evaluates asylum policies, makes recommendations for improvement and, if need be, takes legal action to ensure the rights of these vulnerable groups are protected. Furthermore, Vluchtelingenwerk protects and enhances refugees’ opportunities for integration in our society.

Support to everyone who supports refugees and asylum seekers

Training sessions, analysis, and the Refugee Info Desk are only some examples of how Vluchtelingenwerk supports lawyers, social workers and volunteers. The organization also develops a range of tools and methodologies that can be used by teachers and aid workers.

Work in partnership to protect refugees

Vluchtelingenwerk is a movement. It rallies organizations and individuals and creates momentum to make a real difference for refugees and asylum seekers. With 36 members and 35 voluntary groups, Vluchtelingenwerk raises its voice, endeavours to improve service delivery and develops policy recommendations. It brings people together, creating opportunities for encounters and dialogue.

What you can do to help?

  • Donate
    As a not-for-profit organisation we need your support more than ever to ensure our independence and high-quality service delivery. A one-off donation? A monthly gift? The proceeds of a birthday party? Every cent counts.
    • 40 euro will help 20 asylum seekers in our Startpunt where we offer soup and information to asylum seekers on their first day in Belgium
    • 100 euro provides a young refugee with an unforgettable summer camp
    • 250 euro allows a team of experts to answer all sorts of questions from lawyers, social assistants and volunteers who are helping refugees.
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