Educating and formation of very poor children in Bolivia who live on the street, on garbage dumps, in prison and eradicating child labour in the mines of Potosi.

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Social mission

Voix Libres was founded in 1993 in Geneva by Marianne Sébastien. This international humanitarian organization is apolitical and non-confessional. The organization tries to help children and families in Bolivia so that they get the opportunities to make a better life for themselves, by giving them the chance to get an education. Those in need are the people who live on the street, on garbage dumps or in prison. One of the most important aims is to eradicate child labour in mines. Voix Libres principally organises education for children and adults and grants micro credits.

What does Voix Libres do?

  • Education: Children and adults get the opportunity to go to school. Voix Libres donates the necessary books and money. After they graduate many of these children take over the coordination of the projects of Voix Libres. Already this seems to be a success because these children know the problems these communities are confronted with and this way of working guarantees continuity.
  • Micro credits: These micro credits are basically interest-free loans. This money is mainly used to get a degree or to start up a small business. After the loan is paid back, another needy person can benefit from it. Carpenters, workshops for jewellers, shoemakers, bakeries and construction companies are a few examples of small enterprises that have been set up with the help of these micro credits. 
  • Keeping children out of the mines of Potosi: One of the main aims of Voix Libres is to keep children out of the mines. These children are often very young when they start working in those mines. The organization tries to do something about the fact that children must work in the mines since decades: campaigns are run, money is provided so they can go to school. 

  • Food self-sufficiency: Agriculture is not easy in the mountains of the Andes, at an altitude of 3 000 meters. Warmth and water are scarce. A sufficient food supply is necessary to avoid a flee to the city and produce a reasonable income for the farmers. 
  • Health care and other infrastructures: Health is a priority. In Bolivia, there is still a high incidence of infant and maternal mortality. Doctors are working for the organization by offering basic health care and furthermore other infrastructures are procured for basic hygiene. Meeting centres, orphanages, workshops, ... are built. 

Opening of the day centre "La Casa Marianna": created to welcome 200 children of El Abra close to Cochabamba. The main goal of this project is an after school welcome. Children will receive an hot meal and will profit school support, workshops of expression… Their fathers will receive a training on autonomy and non-violence, have an access to micro-credits, medical care and a legal support.

How can you help?

Financial support:

  • For educational material and furnitures: 19.640€

  • For 1.000 backpack filled with school material for girl students: 10.000€.

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