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To give workers in the Global South the opportunity to organise themselves in order to defend their rights. Be that in the form of syndicates, women’s organisations, youth and elderly movements, mutual insurance systems or cooperatives. Thanks to the continued efforts of the Christian Workers movement and of numerous volunteers, such organisations can benefit from a far-reaching international network.


What does WSM do?

WSM works, at global level, towards social development founded on humane working conditions and social protection for all. At present, WSM provides support to 85 social movements in 22 countries across Latin America, Asia and Africa. These movements fall into four categories: Syndicates, mutual insurance systems, youth movements and socio-cultural associations. Each is pushing for improved living conditions for local populations and fronts actions to ensure:

  • better working conditions
  • a social security system and access to healthcare
  • the development of projects within respective social economies
  • changes on a political level

WSM is also politically active on an international scale: such action supports partner organisations in the Global South in their fight to make sure that social rights are recognised and respected, and to condemn violations of these rights at national and international levels alike.

Supported projects

  • Burkina Faso:MUFEDE is a cooperative savings and credit bank founded in 1994 to grant women the opportunity to set up a small store as a means of gaining an income for their family.
  • Benin:thousands of moto-taxis drive around the capital, Cotonou. The majority of young drivers rent vehicles and are shamelessly exploited in doing so. The syndicate CSTT makes technical help readily available for these young people and gives them driving lessons, too. It has even gone so far as establishing mutual insurance systems and health insurance arrangements.
  • Bangladesh:GK is an NGO which was founded in 1972 with a view to making healthcare accessible to the poor populace through the creation of small healthcare centres and providing on-site training to prospective medical staff.
  • Belgium:WSM is continuously developing programs with the aim of spreading awareness and fundraising, alongside other initiatives with reference to the North/South divide, set up by grassroots organisations of the Christian syndicate. WSM also undertakes action at a political level concerning cooperation towards development.

WSM sits at the heart of various platforms, including the international campaign « Vêtements Propres » (« Clean Clothes »), represented in francophone Belgium by the achACT network.


Translated by Sam Hemsworth (via Translations for Progress)


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