Decent work and social protection, for everyone, all over the world

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Defending the right to decent work and social protection; combatting and preventing poverty and exclusion; that's what WSM does every day.


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For three out of four people worldwide, their hard work does not provide them with enough income to live decently. Even more people must improvise if they get sick, become unemployed or simply grow old. However, decent work and social protection are not privileges, they are human rights. Moreover, they are the best guarantee against poverty and exclusion.




We are not doing it alone.


We collaborate with almost 100 social movements in 24 countries in Africa, Asia, Latin-Amerika and Belgium: trade unions, mutual insurance societies, microcredit institutions, women's organizations, and organizations for the youth and the elderly.

These organizations are an engine for change in the field:


  • a living wage for the seamstresses who sew our clothes in Bangladesh,
  • affordable medical care for farmers in Mali,
  • a professional baker training for young people in Guatemala,
  • a safe workplace for miners in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Together for a real change!

But real and long-term change requires a worldwide commitment and a global approach.

That is why we connect our partners (with each other) in a network within countries themselves, but also on a continental and international level so that are voices are louder when claiming our fundamental rights.

Together we demand that politics and economics start putting people front and center again while respecting the limits of our planet.

Get involved! With your voice, we will sound even louder.

Make change happen!





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