What if my organisation does not have an audit report issued by an independent external certified body?

If your organisation does not yet have its accounts checked by an external body, but you wish to apply for publication on donorinfo.be, you can: 

  • Enlist the services of an independent external certified body (company auditor, IEC-approved chartered accountant) and provide us with a copy of their audit report for the period ending 31/12/2017.
  • Ask the Donorinfo foundation to finance your annual audit for 2017 if your organisation meets all the conditions for publication on donorinfo.be, its total revenue for the period ending 31/12/2017 is less than €400,000 and/or less than 70% of its subsidies are public. This request will be subject to an assessment of the structure of the organisation’s income statement. Only complete applications submitted before 15/11/2018 will be assessed and processed according to our budget for 2017. Applications for us to finance audits for 2017 will not be processed after this date. If Donorinfo finance your organisation’s audit, the report issued by the trustee is the exclusive property of Donorinfo and will under no circumstances be handed over to the organisation or to a third party. This service is offered for a limited time of five years only and is subject to re-evaluation every year.

Give with confidence

We guarantee that all organisations listed on donorinfo.be are financially transparent. Every year, they send us their detailed annual accounts, which have been submitted for independent verification. These accounts are published on donorinfo.be using a model adapted to the charity sector and to donors’ information needs. You can encourage the organisations to continue these good practices by stating "via donorinfo.be" when making your bank transfer. Do you know an organisation that isn’t featured on donorinfo.be?

Release by DonorInfo - Last modification : 11/04/2021