Centre for social cohesion, diversity and interculturalism.

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25, rue des Ateliers
Sint-Jans-Molenbeek Saint-Jean
(+32) 02/411.74.95


Play a positive role in the community so that everybody, regardless of their origin, age, gender or social status, can participate fully in society.

What does Foyer do?

Foyer provides a range of activities for its beneficiaries:

  • Sporting activities:

    • BIS Foyer (Brussels Integration through Sport): the sports section of Foyer, which helps young people from disadvantaged backgrounds to take part in sports in a structured and sustainable way through various activities (sports clubs, participative events, camps etc.)
    • sports initiatives for women (swimming/cycling) in the Dar al Amal women’s centre.
  • Work with young people:

    • Foyer des Jeunes (Foyer for Young People): Foyer’s youth centre is open to children and young people between the ages of 6 and 25.
    • Jongerenwerking Foyer (Foyer, activities with young people): this Dutch-speaking service gives disadvantaged young people from the Molenbeek area the opportunity to participate in numerous socio-cultural activities through workshops (circus skills, music, learning methods, volunteering, participative projects, sports camps and outdoor activities)
  • Intercultural healthcare mediation: ethnic and cultural diversity are also present in the healthcare sector. When illnesses are experienced and expressed differently in different ethnic communities, medical services are not always adapted to patients’ needs. Foyer and its intercultural mediators have been working towards the interculturalization of healthcare since 1992, through the use of patients’ mother tongues, attention to and respect for their cultural background, and awareness-raising and training in intercultural communication.

  • Multilingualism advice centre PIM: an increasing number of children are growing up in multilingual environments, which is all too often seen as a problem, especially when minority languages are involved. Foyer offers a wide range of training programmes to protect multilingualism and carries out analyses of the development of multilingual language under the supervision of a speech therapist.

  • Roma and travellers service: this service works specifically with Roma stewards and mediators to promote the empowerment and autonomy of Roma and travellers. It covers a number of specific themes: autonomy, orientation, mendicancy, mediation, and integration through teaching and training.

  • Local workshop: Foyer has its own carpentry workshop open to local people who wish to make their own furniture and other items. This activity is voluntary and non-commercial, and is aimed at people who often cannot afford their own furniture.

  • Parenting: support, activities and courses for fathers (Atelier M) and mothers (at the Dar al Amal centre).


  • Citizenship education programme: interactive introduction to the practice of citizenship in which young eople deal with real-life situations

  • Radicalisation detection and prevention projects.

How can you help Foyer?

Financial support for:

  • the training of a sports coach for disadvantaged young people: €15,000
  • further development of its latest project MigratieMuseumMigration: € 10,000 for infrastructure (enabling wheelchair access)
  • activities for young people (creative workshops, camps): €5,000

Volunteers in Belgium

  • translation (into French and English)

Material and office requirements

  • computer and office equipment
  • tools
  • cleaning and personal care products
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