Training of guide dogs which are remitted, free of charge, to persons with a visual impairment. Since 2018 the organisation is also training a limited number of assistance dogs for children with autism.

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Route de Mont Saint-Jean 2
Watermael Boitsfort (Brussels)
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 Scale Dogs was founded in 1990 and provides guide dogs for the blind to persons with a visual disability.  Pups are selected at birth and trained to become guide dogs. Scale Dogs selects the right dog for each beneficiary and teaches both to work together as a tandem.

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What does Scale Dogs do?

  • Training guide dogs and placement
    Every year Scale Dogs provides guide dogs for visually disabled persons throughout Belgium. The guidance training is a very intensive process: candidate-dogs are selected early on via character tests and spend a year living with a foster family. During this period, the dog will have to learn how to handle various situations: city bustle, fairgrounds, fireworks, public transport, traffic,... Self-confidence and calmness are key elements in the character of a guide-dog.
    At the conclusion of this first year the candidate guide dog will have to pass medical tests before moving on to the actual training with Scale Dogs instructors, which will last 8 months. Following this period, a month's training course between guide dog and beneficiary is provided.In 2019 Scale Dogs remitted 5 guide dogs.  If a dog does not have the capacities to become a guide dog,  the Scale Dogs team checks whether he is suitable for an alternative career before putting him to adoption.  In 2019 Scale Dogs placed 2 assistance dogs with a person with autism and 1 therapy dog in a senior residence .
  • Cost of a guide-dog
    The cost for the purchase, training and medical follow-up of a guide dog easily amounts to minimum 25.500€. The VAPH (Flemish Community), the AVIQ(French Community) or the PHARE(Brussels Region) grant an allowance to the beneficiary which is far from covering the total cost price of the guide dog. Not all applicants benefit from a grant,  whereas Scale Dogs does not regard the grant as a criterium but studies each application equally. Scale Dogs does not receive subsidies.
  • Dog training for family dogs
    Weekly pet dog classes given by volunteers on Saturday mornings. Membership costs 100€/year plus a contribution of 3,00 € per lesson. The funds are put to the benefit of the Scale Dogs project.

How can you help?

Financial support

  • for the purchase  of pups and their training into qualified guide dogs 
  • for the training of autism dogs (assistance dogs for a child with autism)


  • foster families: candidate guide dogs spend a year with a foster family before proceeding to the actual training. Scale Dogs carefully selects families and continues to instruct the foster families throughout. Foster families frequently gather to exchange tips and experiences.
  • Adoption families for dogs rejected on medical grounds or elderly dogs who can no longer be put to work as a guide-dog (on average a dog remains 8 years with its beneficiary and is then replaced).
  • Volunteers having a dog training experience and wishing to reinforce the team giving pet dog classes on Saturday morning and/or Monday afternoon

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