Training of guide dogs which are remitted, free of charge, to persons with a visual impairment. Since 2018 the organisation is also training a limited number of assistance dogs for children with autism.

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Since 1990 our goals are improving the mobility, safety, and independence of people with a visual disability by providing quality guide dogs free of charge. Since 2018 our organization is also placing a limited number of assistance dogs with children with an ASD.


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What does Scale Dogs do?

  • Training of guide dogs for persons with a visual disability  

The training of our guide dogs is an intensive process which takes approximately 2 years. 

The carefully selected puppies are placed with their puppy walker at the age of 8 weeks. With their puppy walker they will learn the basic commands and to deal with all facets of life. At the age of 1 year the young dogs will be going through a thorough medical evaluation before starting their training which will take an average of 8 months. The starting point of the training is that the dogs should enjoy the training and the guidance work. That is why the dogs are mainly trained in a positive way.

At the end of its training the dog will be matched with a candidate after which the instruction period, which lasts an average of 4 weeks and will entirely take place in the environment of the candidate, will start.  After the instruction period our team will carry out at least one control visit per year and our team remains available for any questions and problems. 


  • Training of assistance dogs for children with an ASD

Finally some dogs are not able to take on the task of a guide dog.  At that moment our team will evaluate whether this dog, with an appropriate training, can be placed with a child with an ASD.  The autism dog helps children with ASD to develop their potential and achieve as much independence as possible.

How can you help?

Financial support

The costs of a guide dog or an autism dogs are at least €25.500 but our dogs are placed free of charge.  You can help us by doing a (monthly) gift, a donation, including us in your testament, …



  • Help with activities and events
  • Puppy walkers (for temporary hosting or during 1 year as a puppy walker)
  • Translations (from and towards Dutch, French, English)
  • Other: by become a volunteer dog instructor at our pet dog school (on Saturday morning) 


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