Bringing people from the business sector together with the disadvantaged in Belgium

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United Fund for Belgium (UFB) was created on the initiative of a group of business men to assist international companies established in Belgium to realize their social patronage and the equitable and efficient distribution of funds in the Belgian non-profit sector. On the premise, that managers do not always have time or experience to select the charitable projects they wish to finance, United Fund for Belgium ensures that donors receive the best possible distribution of funds by collecting donations and selecting projects in a rigorous way.

What does United Fund for Belgium do?

Each year, UFB supports about 80 projects in Belgium, selected by a selection committee composed of volunteers who visit the projects on site. The focus is on large and small scale projects which have a significant impact on the non-profit organization and its beneficiaries..

UFB supports organizations with a social and humanitarian mission organized around 4 sectors:  

  • Improving the quality of life for people with disabilities
  • Fight against poverty
  • Social integration and training
  • Child well-being

UFB advises companies in the selection of projects and how they can participate- for example, through financing UFB or by involving their employees in the project. UFB is totally independent and devotes the entirety of its resources to financing projects. The general expenses of the non-profit are financed thanks to the proceeds of a donation (Martin Kallen Fund).

How can you help?

Volunteers in Belgium

  • Fundraising
  • Translations FR/NL
  • Logistics: Organisation of events
  • Field visits to associations introducing a project (1 x month)
  • Communication: website, creation and management of FB page.


Translated by Morgan Carmody via Translations for Progress

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